Profile Picture – take it yourself!

January 06, 2020 Elin Fredriksson Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Elin (Mobile)

A profile picture is an important component when communicating with colleagues. It creates a visual presence and helps being recognized and to recognize others. But often the practical step towards taking a picture seems complicated. During a micro learning event we showed how you can easily take a profile picture with your smartphone and how you can edit it with software available on every computer.

Elin Fredriksson, SDC


Going beyond presentations – what it needs to organize interactive webinars

May 01, 2018 Blog Admin Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

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Cesar Robles - square - 25 Jan 2018NadiaHaving engaging and interactive webinars that go beyond presentations needs more than technological solutions. It needs people who are curious and interested to use online platforms and the functionalities they provide; who are ready to take the time to plan their presentations in an engaging way. Blending face-to-face events with online solutions is part of Helvetas’ organisational culture thanks to the “Shareday” initiated and supported by the Experts of the Knowledge & Learning team. 

Cesar Robles, Helvetas and Nadia von Holzen, Learning Moments


Organizing engaging webinars – division of roles

February 26, 2018 Natalie Frei Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


The SDC Learning & Networking team has launched a series of blog posts on how to organise a webinar. After diving into crucial questions that must be clarified like in any face-to-face learning event, this blog post will focus on the division of tasks. Organizing and hosting a webinar needs a team of people focusing on different tasks: the coordinator and facilitator, the technical expert; the chat box facilitator and the presenter.

By Bertha Camacho, SKAT and Nadia von Holzen, Learning Moments


How to organise your first interactive webinar

February 12, 2018 Blog Admin Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

NadiaAre you keen to organize your first webinar?  Then this blog post is for you! The SDC Learning & Networking team launches a blog series on how to organise a webinar. There will be interviews with webinar cracks and testimonies from webinar aficionados sharing their experiences, tips and tricks. Next to insights from practitioners you will find links to resources helping you to get ready and bring your first webinar to life. In this first blog post you will discover that the crucial questions are not of technical nature but about purpose, process and people.

Nadia von Holzen, Learning Moments


How your story tells you how it wants to be told

February 15, 2017 Blog Admin Let's Talk Visual

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Beat Rüdt

Irritated by the title of this post? You shouldn’t be. During the “Lunch & Learn” events and the multimedia and video workshops we learned, that there are a lot of good stories at SDC that are worth to be told and that can be told in many ways.

By Beat Rüdt, MAZ


The power to share, learn and cooperate in networks – el poder de trabajar en red

February 03, 2016 Blog-Admin1 SDC Experiences, SDC Networks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MariCarmen AlarconIn 2008 Maria del Carmen Alarcón Lizón started working as communication specialist with the SDC Cooperation Office in Bolivia. Over these years the communication approach within SDC Latin America has evolved from diffusion of information to a more integrative and participatory approach putting communication in the service of programmes and projects. An essential factor in this shift to communication for development (C4D) was sharing and learning among the communication practioners in SDC, for example in the communication network Redcolatina. A manual named “Comunicación para el Desarrollo – Una guía práctica” is the tangible result of this cooperation. 

Maria del Carmen Alarcón Lizón, SDC Bolivia (more…)

Going digital – a new experience of sharing your story

January 20, 2016 Blog-Admin1 Change Stories, Let's Talk Visual, SDC Experiences

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Thinley ChenzomThinley Chenzom, Social Events Manager at the Swiss Cooperation Office in Bhutan, gained a new experience by creating digital stories. She inspired her team to create digital stories for the annual report. This idea resulted into several 3’ stories.

Thinley Chenzom, SDC Bhutan (more…)

Happy blogging: This is blog post number 200!

August 12, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

This is blog post number 200. We – the SDC Learning & Networking Team – is blogging since 5 years. 97 bloggers joined us sharing insights, reflections and questions. We share because we care. We care to make learning visible, to bring new ideas and approaches into the organization, to reach out to our partners and friends. Let’s celebrate!

By Nadia von Holzen the with the great support of our blogging community (more…)

What makes you use social media?

November 19, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

My personal social media storyUntil recently, I was reluctant to invest time into the use of social media. This is the story of how and why I became an active user of social media content. What can we learn from it for the use of social media in our work?

Corinne Sprecher, Agridea.

My personal social media story


DuckDuckGo – The search engine that doesn’t track you!

September 17, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

if it's on the Intenet, it isn't private_1Desperate about your search results with Google? Results are tailored to who you are, based on your saved search history and click history. But there is a means of escape: DuckDuckGo

 By Simone Decorvet, SDC


If it’s on the Internet, it isn’t private.

September 03, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


if it's on the Intenet, it isn't private_1We all have the right to privacy, even in the Internet. But it seems that privacy is incompatible with Open Data, Social Media and high speed Internet connection. Hooray! Here are some basic options to protect your privacy. By Simone Decorvet, SDC



S.O.S immediate information needed!

July 30, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

sos imediat info neededSome days are just a bit crazy! Imagine when you have to present a development topic on short notice. With little time to do a profound research and even less preparing a presentation . E-dossier developed  by the information centre of Alliance sud responds to that challenge.

Jris Bertschi, Alliance Sud


«So you want to be a blogstar?»

May 21, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools

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Christina StuckyDid you know that today more than 40.5 million new blog posts go online every month? That’s about 1.3 million each day in an average month. In fact, every 60 seconds 60 new blogs are created worldwide. And over 409 million people view more than 14.4 billion blog pages each month. So what does that mean for you, the aspiring blogstar? Christina Stucky, Head Communication Management Unit, Media and Communication Trainer, SDC


Tired of Skype? Meet in a Webinar!

May 07, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Michel_ClaudiaThis blog is not against Skype. Skype is a software for free that is useful for communicating with your friends and colleagues around the globe. But for learning events it is less adequate. Instead, a webinar is a great alternative.

By Claudia Michel, Anne Zimmermann and Hansjörg Lauener


Why we blog

January 08, 2014 Carmen Eckert Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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NadiaIn January 2013 we blogged: “A blog is conversation.“  And that’s what we had: conversation. 32 bloggers – guests, SDC colleagues and team members – contributed their thoughts and observations the whole year through. We jointly wrote 42 blog posts. And 60% of our posts received comments from you dear readers. Thank you! Also in 2014 we blog for being in conversation with you. For us bloggers, each blog post is a learning moment. Blog writing is digestion time. Reflection is vital.
Nadia von Holzen, SDC (more…)

How to recreate the face-to-face magic every day?

December 18, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Networks

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Face to face meetings are magic moments in a network’s life, full of life, interaction and social weaving. How can networks hold this vibrancy after the face to face meetings? “By creating a virtual face to face ambience,” says Hynek Bures. “With the Internet and today’s social media your colleague actually sits next door.”

By Hynek Bureš, dubbed perceptions


Twitter for Sharing and Learning – an Introduction for Beginners

November 27, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools

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Have you ever thought about starting to twitter? Are you still wondering how Twitter works? Then this  2‘53‘’ video is the right starting point. It explains the basics.

By Nadia von Holzen, SDC with the support of Nadja Schnetzler, Word and Deed; Nadejda Loumbeva, Helvetas-Intercooperation; Daniel Stoller-Schai LerNetz (more…)

Twitter & Co. for Social Reporting?

November 06, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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How can you enhance reflection and learning in workshops by using social media? Hook Touravanh from the Swiss Cooperation Office in Lao was animating a social reporting process during a training workshop in Thailand. Social reporting is a tool to help people digest what they learned.

Hook Touravanh, SCO Lao

Remark: This post is summarizing Hook Touravanh’s key points what it means to do social reporting. You can read the full length of his story on the Mekong blog.

hashtag pcm


Where the action is – with learning apps

October 30, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

Rating: 2.7 out of 5

 Katrin HansDaniel StollerLouisa Nigg




Mobile devices are booming. Around the world, in the global South, North, East and West people are using smart phones. And with the mobile devices apps are becoming more and more popular. Learning apps are an ideal form of learning for “homo mobilis”, the mobile human being. For example on Human Rights: Do you know what Human Rights Watch does? Or where the original manuscript of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is kept? Learning apps link theoretical and historical knowledge to actual events.

By Katrin Hans, Daniel Stoller-Schai and Louisa Nigg, LerNetz, Switzerland (more…)

Facebook as a learning tool?

October 16, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Can Facebook and similar tools help communities to learn? “Yes!” say Christoph Pimmer and Urs Gröhbiel, two researchers who have investigated the use of mobile phones and social software by medical students, doctors and midwives in Nepal and South-Africa. They challenge coordinators and project leaders to consider the potential of social mobile media in their projects, for reporting, networking and knowledge-exchange.

By Urs Gröhbiel and Christoph Pimmer, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

FHNW in discussion

Photo: Apprentice bricklayers with Chirsthoph Pimmer (middle) and Urs Gröhbiel (right) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


How I fell in love with next Dgroups

September 19, 2012 Blog-Admin1 Methods & Tools

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Carsten Schulz

Dgroups is used as a communication tool within most of SDC’s thematic networks, allowing both the channel of information through newsletters as well as e-discussions among network members. Carsten Schulz from AGRIDEA reflects on his own experience with Dgroups as a tool and his evolution from a sceptical and critical reviewer to an “aficionado” of the newly designed next.Dgroups platform. (more…)

Social Reporting – Behind the Scenes

September 11, 2012 LND Methods & Tools

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CarmenRiffNadiaNaraSocial Reporting on and from face-to-face meetings of SDC’s networks became a trendy practice. This blog post looks behind the scenes and reflects on three questions: What is actually Social Reporting? What makes it social? And is it worth the effort? (more…)

Peter Point’s Dream – Powerpoint Presentations and its Pitfalls

September 04, 2012 LND Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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Today’s blog post invites you to pause for a second and to think about one of the most used tools of everyday office life. Powerpoint. What once was considered a revolution in presentation technique today often turns out to be a threat to every knowledge transfer. With a short comic strip Nadia von Holzen and Nadia Lanfranchi would like to make you check over your presentation strategies. What is key to an engaging presentation? Are there alternatives to Powerpoint? And what should be considered in order to avoid Powerpoint’s pitfalls? (more…)

Facing the Social Media Challenge

May 01, 2012 LND Methods & Tools

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Jovan KurbalijaA new form of influencing policy-making is emerging thanks to the Internet. The Arab Spring, anti-ACTA protests, the Occupy movement, pirate parties have at least one thing in common: they all share the  Internet as an enabler. On the Internet, protest movements coordinate activities and manage to reach out to the global public. Governments and international organisations cannot ignore this substantive change. Jovan Kurbalija, in his contribution, discusses challenges facing governments and organisations in getting involved in the social media space. (more…)

Uh oh, I’m a Technology Steward — Part 2: Four Technology Stewardship Implementation Practices

December 20, 2011 LND Methods & Tools

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

By Nancy White

nancy_whiteIn our first part on accidental technology stewardship we focused on the technology acquisition and design issues. In today’s post we’ll look at what I think is the really fun stuff: how we build useful practices USING technology together. (more…)