Participatory videos for community development. Lessons from the Nepalese Himalayan Mountains

November 27, 2018 annavonsury Methods & Tools

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The use of participatory videos to document and share knowledge is gaining traction in development cooperation and community development. But can we leverage these videos in very remote areas with mostly illiterate people? Yes, we can. Here are insights and recommendations from using participatory videos in Nepalese Himalayan Mountains to support the development of community infrastructure projects, such as building drinking water systems and greenhouses.

By Christoph Pimmer and Urs Gröhbiel, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Alex Zahnd, RIDS-Nepal/Switzerland


The Story behind the Story

February 24, 2016 Leonie Pock Methods & Tools

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_I0A2470 (Large)Behind each story there is another story. Our stories are connected. So is the story about the Mongolian herders connected with Udval, a young leader supporting herder communities in Western Mongolia. Udval uses participatory video to give the herders voice and to support their sharing and learning. Soyolmaa Dolgor, communication specialist working for SDC Mongolia, travelled with Udval to Tsetseg soum, Khovd province to document her meeting with the herders’ community.

Soyolmaa Dolgor, SDC Mongolia