Welcome to the SDC Learning & Networking Blog

The purpose

We blog because institutional learning matters. Learning means being agile and keep asking questions to advance in challenging issues to fight against poverty. With this blog we want to trigger reflection and discussion on learning initiatives within SDC and from outside of SDC. Blogging is digesting. Writing about experiences, sharing discoveries and insights, asking questions is part of (personal and institutional) knowledge management.

The content

Blogging is sharing. We blog about sharing and learning: Learning initiatives launched in the Cooperation Offices, lessons from SDC’s Networks and networking activities as well as our way of organizing and designing our virtual or face-to-face learning processes. The blog serves as window to share our learning and to bring in reflections from “elsewhere”.

The readers and the writers

The Dummies say a blog is conversation. We blog for and with SDC staff working in the Cooperation Offices around the globe or at Headquarters in Berne. We are happy to reach external readers: the partners we are working with as well as a wider knowledge management community. Around 10 people blog regularly.

Because sharing is learning we invite you to blog with us. Do you have interesting experiences on sharing and learning from within SDC or partner organizations that are of interest for others? Join us as reader and commenter; contribute to our conversation; and make our blog entries more diverse and multi-perspective. Your experiences and reflections on learning and knowledge management interest us. Write about your initiatives and challenges; share your experiences form SDC’s work or with partner organisations.

Some statistics

The SDC Learning & Networking Blog started in 2010. Many topics were reflected, many stories told and questions asked. Some figures: 122 posts from 41 bloggers, 125 comments from an average of 77 weekly readers (since 2nd of February 2012, as we installed Google analytics).
Figures by Jan. 2013

Joint us!

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  1. Hey SDC Learning and Networking Blog Folks,

    I just came across your site and was really into the energy and passion behind your blog.

    I help run, a social media platform for social action groups. We just launched in late 2010 and already have more than 10,000 members who’ve raised millions through our site. And we really think your voice would be a great addition to our platform.

    Would love to get your feedback on the site as whole. And if you’d be interested, we’d definitely love to have you write a guest blog post for the EmpoweredBlog —

    Look forward to talking with you!




    Daniel Truong
    VP of Marketing | |

  2. Dear SDC bloggers,
    by leaving a comment on your contribution to the WorldBank Blog “Voices 2.0″ I found my way through to your own blog.
    Knowing about SDC’s engagement in Mozambique I would be happy if you might take a look on and facilitate a link/communication channel with your SDC Maputo office (as distance between Beira and Maputo sometimes seems bigger than MOZ EU (incl. Switzerland 😉

    conmoz will do its research with young academics to develop short training courses for mobile internet and web apps “use+benefit” in local contexts.