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Why Do We Love Digital Storytelling?

September 02, 2015 Carmen Eckert Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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It can move mountains, it is creative, it touches the heart… all of this makes digital storytelling valuable for the participants of the second storytelling workshop at the SDC.


Happy blogging: This is blog post number 200!

August 12, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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This is blog post number 200. We – the SDC Learning & Networking Team – is blogging since 5 years. 97 bloggers joined us sharing insights, reflections and questions. We share because we care. We care to make learning visible, to bring new ideas and approaches into the organization, to reach out to our partners and friends. Let’s celebrate!

By Nadia von Holzen the with the great support of our blogging community (more…)

Low budget storytelling – an example

August 05, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, SDC Experiences, SDC Networks

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In this blog post I want to share my story “The Power of Youth” made during the first digital storytelling workshop in June. I see it as an example on how to produce a story in limited time and with no visual material at hand.




By Carmen Eckert, SDC


Challenged by planning a learning event? Make it easy and visual with ‘Design for Wiser Action’

July 29, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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SKU-WSJ-VONNAPlanning and designing a workshop involves many aspects; and often many people too. A visual planning canvas might be the right approach to make the first crucial move. Bring the organizing team, the core group or the mandate giver to the table and do the planning jointly.

By Nadia von Holzen, Mirjam Walser and Kuno Schläfli, SDC


How we produced our first digital stories

July 01, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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Group Digital Storytelling WSBeginning of June the division Knowledge, Learning and Culture of SDC organized a Digital Storytelling Workshop in Berne. Seven participants produced short videos reflecting their lived-experience of change, learning, success and challenges. This short video explains the production process starting with the story circle on day one and ending with the screening on day three.

By Nadia von Holzen with the support of the participants of the Digital Storytelling Workshop  (more…)

Why we need more visuals?

June 17, 2015 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual

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Group Digital Storytelling WSWe need more visuals for many reasons. Photos, digital stories, drawings and graphic recording carry our learning. Stories illustrate insights in an understandable way and invite for further reflection. Making drawings during discussions adds an additional layer of understanding. In the information (over-) flow infographics and visual messages stand out, catch our attention, go to the heart and make us think. Our brains are hungry for stories and visualized information.

By Carmen, Dolgor, Jean, Kuno, Michal, Mirjam, Nadia and Soyolmaa participants of the digital storytelling workshop (more…)

The art of presenting and commenting reports: visualize information in an eye catching way

June 18, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual

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Pic3 You want to present a mid-term review, an evaluation or a budget? How can you show your colleagues and partners, what is really essential in your view? Matti Straub-Fischer, Changels




Make movies with your smartphone

April 09, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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New technologies change the way we communicate. With the iPhone the number of videos shared around the world has exploded! This transformation of our communicational behavior seeps into the working world. In this blog post you will get some tips and tricks on how to make movies with your smartphone.  

By Hynek Bureš, dubbed perceptions



Visual tool for power analysis

February 26, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Learning Elsewhere, Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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The word power has more than 15 different meanings in the dictionary and is used in various disciplines, from social science to physics, to mathematics, to philosophy, etc. This blog is about forms of power that bring about social changes. It describes an example of using visual methods for analysis of power relations among actors in stories about democracy.

By Snezana Mišić Mihajlović, Centre for Management, Development and Planning, Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Graphic facilitation – tips to get started

January 15, 2014 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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ECC-NAGCH-VONNA2Let’s talk visual. Graphic facilitation strengthens communication in meetings and workshops. Visualizing key insights, steps to take or stakeholders involved adds another layer of communication to our workshop conversation. Drawings – be it a storyline, a process or a metaphor – help us clarifying our thoughts, make us ask new questions. Just start drawing. There is no right and wrong. There is only practice.

Charlotte Nager, Nadia von Holzen, Carmen Eckert, SDC (more…)

Why we blog

January 08, 2014 Carmen Eckert Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences

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NadiaIn January 2013 we blogged: “A blog is conversation.“  And that’s what we had: conversation. 32 bloggers – guests, SDC colleagues and team members – contributed their thoughts and observations the whole year through. We jointly wrote 42 blog posts. And 60% of our posts received comments from you dear readers. Thank you! Also in 2014 we blog for being in conversation with you. For us bloggers, each blog post is a learning moment. Blog writing is digestion time. Reflection is vital.
Nadia von Holzen, SDC (more…)

How to recreate the face-to-face magic every day?

December 18, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools, SDC Networks

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Face to face meetings are magic moments in a network’s life, full of life, interaction and social weaving. How can networks hold this vibrancy after the face to face meetings? “By creating a virtual face to face ambience,” says Hynek Bures. “With the Internet and today’s social media your colleague actually sits next door.”

By Hynek Bureš, dubbed perceptions


Time out for fresh thinking

July 10, 2013 Blog-Admin1 Let's Talk Visual

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Alp Morgeten, July 2013


Simplicity wins – visualization as well. Tips for your next presentation

April 10, 2013 bit-wartung Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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How to prepare memorable presentations? Simplify it and make it visual. Inspiring and memorable presentations are simple, clear and meaningful. While preparing have your audience in mind and make it visual and easy for them to follow. (more…)

Multimedia-Portal: a source of inspiration

March 13, 2013 bit-wartung Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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Videos, podcasts and infographics – are becoming increasingly important in our daily information work. Whether surprising or bold, instructive or combative, they cover different information needs and are very versatile. Have you ever searched for an infographic or a video, which explains a developmental topic easily? And how can it be found at short notice? (more…)

The sdclan Blog Team wishes you a Happy New Year!

December 19, 2012 bit-wartung Let's Talk Visual

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Comic about the blogger and the christmas post:

Peter Point’s Dream – Powerpoint Presentations and its Pitfalls

September 04, 2012 LND Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools

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Today’s blog post invites you to pause for a second and to think about one of the most used tools of everyday office life. Powerpoint. What once was considered a revolution in presentation technique today often turns out to be a threat to every knowledge transfer. With a short comic strip Nadia von Holzen and Nadia Lanfranchi would like to make you check over your presentation strategies. What is key to an engaging presentation? Are there alternatives to Powerpoint? And what should be considered in order to avoid Powerpoint’s pitfalls? (more…)