Briefing for bloggers

Briefing for SDC Learning & Networking Bloggers

Many thanks for contributing our SDC Learning & Networking Blog. We are pleased to have you as blogger with us.
The main purpose of our blog is to trigger reflection and discussion on learning initiatives within SDC and outside of SDC.

Here some guiding information for writing your blog entry:


“Have your readers in mind: a blog is conversation”
♦ Focus on one subject and make the link to sharing and learning. This could be: a) a learning experience from within SDC (e.g. reflection of learning activity, experiences from network initiatives); b) reflection on learning in general (e.g. observations from a conference, approaches from other agencies or organisations) and c) methods and tools (e.g. e-collaboration, great icebreakers, insights from methods).
♦ Add some useful insights and tips.
♦ Link to other blogs, websites, resources that could be of value for the reader for further reading and reflection.
♦ Invite the reader to join the discussion, to give feedback.

Style and tone

“Have the online medium in mind: make it easy to read from the screen (iPads or smartphones)”
♦ Make it short, around 500 words. It can be even shorter; the absolute maximum is 800 words.
♦ Give your text a talking title that catches the reader’s eye.
♦ Structure your text: After the title, start with a short header, that includes the main message of the post. The title and the header are the first things the readers will see and make them decide to read the post or not. Include sub-titles and guide the online reader through the text.
♦ Adopt a rather informal blog writing style. Reading online published texts is different from reading print texts. Make it easy and direct (short sentences, active forms, avoid technical word). Make it lively and dynamic: tell a short story or bring some personal statements (e.g. from workshop participants).
♦ Respect gender aspects of language.
♦ Write in Your Own Voice:

“You’re not a robot. I know I’m not. That’s why I write like this. I write like I talk. This is my voice and this is what resonates with you. There’s a fundamental difference between blogging and the way textbooks, novels and magazines are written.
You see, textbooks are written to give you information. Bloggers write to communicate a message.” –
by Hector Cuevas, iNBoundPRO Blog


“A blog offers great opportunity to talk visual”
♦ Please include 1- 2 photos that are meaningful and striking, that underline the message of your post or trigger additional reflection.
♦ If you have a great photo with a strong message, it might be even enough to add a comment of a few sentences. We will publish it in the category: Let’s talk visual.
♦ Please send us a photo portrait in colour, besides your post.

For any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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