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September 25, 2020 | Elin Fredriksson | Methods & Tools |


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Kanban is a  helpful tool to ensure meaningful conversation and collaboration, but also when planning individually. Especially in times of home office and remote work it is useful for increasing the work flow by limiting the “tasks in process”. During an Online “Zvieri & Learn” Session with Nadja Schnetzler, a Collaboration-Coach, Kanban was introduced and tried out.

Foto_Nadja_Schnetzler (Mobile)

Nadja Schnetzler, Collaboration-Coach at “Word and Deed

What are the challenges you are facing when you collaborate with yourself or with others? This was the question that the participants at the “Zvieri & Learn” Session about Kanban on September 19th were reflecting on at the beginning of the session. Interestingly, all challenges that people are facing, whether it is understanding priorities, better conversations, better decision making and many more can all be tackled with kanban.

Kanban, deriving from the japanese word for “visual sign” and a cornerstone in the discipline of LEAN, has become a vital element for many individuals and teams in the past 20 years. With kanban, individuals and teams can visualize their workflows and see what is actually happening in their systems. What work is flowing, and what is stuck? Why are tasks stuck and how can the be described in ways that motivate people in the team to tackle them?

The complexities of kanbans can vary from simple to complex – but the most important is that the system is not overloaded so that an overview can be kept.



With kanban, teams can start a long-term evolutionary process of improving their collaboration by observing their workflow and by having meaningful conversations about it.

You can see the presentation of the Zvieri & Learn Session here: Kanban Documentation Zvieri & Learn



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