Organising your first webinar? Have a look at our new guideline

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Are you ready to organise your first webinar? Then get inspired by our new guideline ‘How to organise interactive webinars’. The guideline gives you a step-by step idea how to plan, design and promote your first webinar.

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In the last blog posts (see here or here) we have seen that webinars are a good option to have real-time exchanges between people working in different geographical locations and to reach out to an audience beyond your organisation. Webinars are especially valuable when you prepare for a face-to-face meeting or when you want to keep the conversation going after an event.

A webinar provides people access to expert knowledge and support in a short period of time; without having to travel.
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So, if you are ready to give it a try, we advise you to start small and start your digital facilitation muscle. Make it engaging and conversational; don’t fall into the teacher’s trance.

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You can download the guideline here:

Organzing interactive webinars – short guideline SDC KLC


This guideline helps you to plan your first webinar:

*Clarify the purpose why for and with whom you organize the webinar

*Develop an agenda and identify how to interact with your audience

*Prepare a presentation that is visual, interactive and engaging

*Share role and responsibilities in the hosting team

*Use the technical options your platform offers

*Brand your webinar

*Plan for the reporting and follow-up


We are curious to hear your reaction. Please leave us a comment how useful the guideline is.

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