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December 01, 2016 | Leonie Pock | Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools |


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The play button is the most compelling call to action on the web” says Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard, a platform hosting business video content for distribution to websites and social channels. Not very surprising quote considering his position, you may say. But the success of the company reflects also the importance of video not only in marketing but also in other forms of communication. In this blog post, we want to have a closer look at the benefits of video in communication and introduce Lightbulb – a new format for sharing new and innovative learning experiences of SDC collaborators, units and networks. By Leonie Pock


Half a century ago, Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher and public intellectual, was busy with laying the cornerstones of today’s media theory. One of his most famous phrases was “The medium is the message”. For McLuhan not only the content but the medium itself influences how the message is perceived. He compared the effect of a medium with a massage on the human sensorium. If your message is going to be relaxing or painful – have a closer look at the choice of your medium!

Video as visual Communication

Video can be used in many ways: for interviews, processes, instructions, events, retrospectives and it can be embedded in slideshows, conferences, presentations, speeches and the like. Maybe you wonder now, why you are reading instead of watching this article? And here we are at the limitations of video. While it is very useful for many forms of communication, sometimes text, photos or info-graphics can be more appropriate. Video is not a magic bullet.

4 Reasons to say it with a video

We want to inspire you with these four points, why we could all get a bit more videophile.

  1. Speak directly to your audience

With a video you start a conversation. You present your content in a conversational form that represents a more personal approach than with text-based messages. Further, video is an excellent story telling medium able to combine text, photos and movement.

  1. Massage the senses and grab attention

Most people are visuals. So think about McLuhan and give your audience a powerful massage of the senses! Online marketers swear that this doubles your advantages and makes your message more memorable.

  1. Make your message easy to share

Video heightens the potential reach of your message. It is short and available on many different channels – online and offline. This makes it a flexible format, which is easy to Access.

  1. Motivate your audience

Bring your message to life and present your content in action. Your audience will be more motivated and it will enhance their learning experience. At the same time it makes your audience more engaged.

Lightbulb: A new format for sharing new and innovative learning experiences

We want to use these benefits video offers and are launching a new format inside SDC – Lightbulb. Colleagues present and share in short video statements innovative and explorative ideas. The statements shall inspire, trigger reflection and debate, and eventually shape good practice. Have a look at the first Lightbulb production of Alexander Schulze’s video message in which he describes the experiences of the global program Health with Open Source Software:

Further Links

SDC collaborators will find more videos on the internal group Learning Experiences soon.

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Comments to“Communicating innovative ideas with video”

  1. Thank you Leonie. Your words make complete sense to me who works with video every day. I even think you should have made a video of this blog post 😉 It would have worked and it would have shown other SDC colleagues that they can do it too. – The tool is still new in the office environment. People know how to write a text, they practice this art to perfection every day. – They feel less ready to click the record button.

  2. Thank you Leonie for the interesting post! I really hope that professionals will become more adventurous using new media.

  3. Dear Hynek and Martina

    Thank you very much for your comments!

    I agree with you Hynek that video or other multimedia formats are still new to the office environment. That is why the Team Learning and Networking introduced this year through 4 workshops the use of multimedia (Video, Photography, Multimedia Tools, Pageflow) in SDC. A visual documentation will soon be available on the L&N Shareweb. So let’s get more visual in 2017 😉



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