Going digital – a new experience of sharing your story

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Thinley ChenzomThinley Chenzom, Social Events Manager at the Swiss Cooperation Office in Bhutan, gained a new experience by creating digital stories. She inspired her team to create digital stories for the annual report. This idea resulted into several 3’ stories.

Thinley Chenzom, SDC Bhutan

I had always been a chatter, and people always complained that I talked more then I showed. Things became easier for me and also for them by going digital.

I had little knowledge in digital storytelling, but with the training I attended with the KLC division. It enriched my knowledge, and within no time I found that motivation to try something new. For the first time this year  we made the digital stories for our annual report, Instead of our usual 20 pages report we made those 3 minutes videos which was more fun and enjoyable and also well received and appreciated by our colleagues at the heads office. They remarked, that the stories were very attractive and complemented well with the normal reports. So we have now decided that it will a part of our reports.

I feel that digital stories are the most innovative platform for communication; both the reporter and the viewers can perceive and enjoy the content of the story.

Services on your fingertips

A short story how the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is harnessing mobile technology for public service delivery.

Travel guides like to depict Bhutan as an exotic secluded Kingdom in the Himalayas and “the world’s last Shangri-La”. Television was introduced only in 1999 and mobile telephony in 2003. Bhutan tends to be a late adopter of technology. It is also a radical one: Today twelve years into its introduction, nine out of ten households in the rugged mountainous country of the size of Switzerland effectively have mobile phone access. To harness the potential of mobile technology for public service delivery, SDC recently launched a smart phone app design competition with the Government-to-Citizens (G2C) initiative of the Prime Minister of Bhutan. Areas include public safety, health and education, youth and women. Young talented programmers will develop their app-prototypes later this month. Promising proposals include creative apps for a real-time traffic information system – addressing the serious problem of frequent road blocks on the Himalayan roads due to landslides and construction – information on nutrition or a notification system for the pickup of documents in public offices, which could be a huge time-saver in a country which is yet to build 3000km of roads to connect the remoter parts. Change is in the making and the story continues.

How are you using video in your work?

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  1. Daniel Maselli says:

    Congratulations both for the innovative approach of having organized a competition for mobile apps under the ‘Government-to-Citizen’ initiative in Bhutan as well as for having produced a short video showing the results and achievements. This is a great way of communicating that visualizes the entire activity and the usefulness of the deployed efforts in an attractive manner. Waiting for more …

  2. Thank you!

    The video is well done. I’ll share this post and video further!


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