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Hynek Bures neu

Picking up the smartphone and recording a sparkling idea from the workshop is not unusual anymore in SDC. 213 videos have been uploaded to the SDC YouTube channel, this year only. That is why the next step needs some attention: How to use the new tool of expression and the videos produced in the work. This is a question of smartly combining the various communication channels: videos, PowerPoint slides, written reports, oral stories.

Hynek Bures, dubbed perceptions

Over the past years the Learning & Networking division has been supporting SDC colleagues in acquiring video making skills for communication and knowledge sharing. Picking up a small camera or the smartphone and recording a sparkling idea from the workshop is not unusual anymore. As of 1st December, there have been 213 videos uploaded to the SDC YouTube channel, this year only.

Though people don’t shy away from recording short videos anymore, they do often struggle to find the proper use for their new tool of expression. To further the learning process the L&N division invited thematic focal points to brainstorm how they use, or could use video in their work. We started the discussion with a digital video story from Nadia Benani:

With this inspiration, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. Knowing at what video excels -and at what not- helps to find its right use. For example, Nadia’s video communicates at a very personal level. Touching your audience personally opens the audience’s mind to hear your message.

What do you like about video?

What are the drawbacks in communicating through video?

With the strengths and weaknesses in mind, we steered the discussion to the core question when you are thinking about using video:

What do you want to say?

This seems obvious at first, but when you start digging deeper, you might notice that your message is not that homogenous. Or you want to say many things at once. If so, try to find the right communication tool for each message or information you want to share.

For example at your next annual report presentation, show a video to set the scene. Then present your report in form of a PowerPoint. For the most interested in the audience, have the report ready printed.

Have a look at the handout with ideas how to use videos in your work. I hope it is useful to you the next time you think about using video in your next message.

Download the document here: How to use videos for learning and networking

We would like to hear from you!

What do you struggle with when using video in your work?

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