How to make 1-minute video statements with your smartphone – Part 2: Record your message

September 16, 2015 | Carmen Eckert | Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools |


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When you have drafted a concise statement and you want to pass your message in an effective way, record it on video! You can do that simply with your smartphone. Here is how…

Hynek Bures, dubbed perceptions




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For a 1-minute statement I suggest you learn your text by heart. When you are ready, grab your smartphone and use the camera facing you. Hold it the selfie way, or put it on a small tripod, against a pile of books, or ask your colleague to film you. In any case you need to consider these 3 factors when filming:



Back to you: record your message!
This 2-pager will help you: 1-MinStmnt_Part02

Come back next week and learn how to edit and share your video message!

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