Why Do We Love Digital Storytelling?

September 02, 2015 | Carmen Eckert | Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools |


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It can move mountains, it is creative, it touches the heart… all of this makes digital storytelling valuable for the participants of the second storytelling workshop at the SDC.

The workshop took place from 24 to 26 of August and the participants came from Afghanistan, Albania, Bolivia, Bhutan, Nicaragua, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Zimbabwe. For them digital storytelling was a completely new method. They became familiar with it within the three days of the workshop and they created amazing stories which will be shared here soon.

Meanwhile in the following video you can learn more on why digital storytelling is valuable, how it may be used at the SDC and why the participants love telling their story the audiovisual way.

Do you also love digital storytelling? Tell us why!


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Comments to“Why Do We Love Digital Storytelling?”

  1. Veronique Sikora says:

    What a wonderful way to share the joy and all that you learned and shared together.

    Thank you.

  2. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Well done Carmen! Very dynamic little video.
    The voices make clear: Stories open minds and hearts.
    That’s what we need for sharing and learning.
    Many thanks, Nadia


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