Happy blogging: This is blog post number 200!

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This is blog post number 200. We – the SDC Learning & Networking Team – is blogging since 5 years. 97 bloggers joined us sharing insights, reflections and questions. We share because we care. We care to make learning visible, to bring new ideas and approaches into the organization, to reach out to our partners and friends. Let’s celebrate!

By Nadia von Holzen the with the great support of our blogging community


The beginning

The very first blog was posted on June 15, 2010, by Manuel Flury:

Changing organisational culture – an overwhelming challenge?

Manuel FlurySince I left Berne and the Division I turned into a lurker, just following passively the blog and “reading only” the blog posts. Starting such an endeavour is one thing (and Adrian was the one who made it technically “moving”); “maintaining” it is the other thing and as we know, this is the huge challenge. Through doing I learnt to blog. Some blog posts are worht being debated -> complement blogs with e-discussion, from time to time.
Manuel Flury

reto wieserYes, I have been associated with the beginnings and enthusiastic about it. Since I moved on I read every blog and sometimes continue to browse. I could see positive that the contributions got smaller in size which I appreciate. The blog has inspiring features- at the same time I realize how conventional and non-diversified our way of working in the cooperation office is when it comes to methods of sharing and learning with partners. Hence, continue with bringing fresh air into our tools and methods for the next 200 releases of the blog. We need this push!
Reto Wieser

The voice of our blogging community – how it is to blog

Matti StraubBlogging and working with the SDC Learning & Networking community feels like it is feeding an important fire for the entire organization and the partners you work with.

Moving from the ways we have trained ourselves in with one-way communication into a dialogue is a longer journey, but can be fun and a great challenge. I am looking forward to the next parts of the adventure with you all.
Matti Straub

SnezanaI was very happy when offered a possibility to write the 2 blogs and, at the time, this was a new experience for me. Blog writing is not a report nor a newspaper article. It is really a new form of writing. This was probably the key learning element for me.
Snezana Misic


Claudia MichelHow does it feel to blog? It was my first blogging experience and therefore very exciting! I appreciate the personal, narrative style of blogging. I can write about my experience, about myself. That’s what I know best.
Claudia Michel



manuel etterBlogging for me was like: speaking on a stage, in the spotlight, without seeing the audience…luckily, the audience didn’t throw eggs, and some even tuned in and responded and further developed thoughts; thus all in all an interesting and positive experience.
Manuel Etter


Natalia CernatIt was a call to adventure – a challenge for us, always busy – to reflect on how we experienced SDC networking in a blog post. A relaxed brainstorming unveiled experiences, both personal and professional. We were grateful for ideas and solutions we hadn’t been aware of before. Getting feedback to our blog post was the final gift.
What I’ve learned? Challenge more often yourself and others, and an adventure will bring in your way precious insights, authentic life and learning experiences, and, as important, closer human relations with those whom you take along.

Natalia Cernat

Blogging, venturing in public fields, getting comments and starting a dialogue – this is a unique learning experience!
Charlotte Nager



Ernst BolligerA nice chance to share some valuable experience with others. And while doing so, first having to think about my experience (what and how did we actually do?), and second often nice and critical feedback on what I have written. On the other side I also was commenting several blog posts that provoked my interest and at times my diverging opinion.
Ernst Bolliger


babette pfanderMy first blog was like jumping into our Aare river from one of the lower bridges…
… it takes some courage to take the word, but it is rewarding. One becomes part of the flow, sharing refreshing ideas, discovering new perspectives, enjoying the journey with others. And once you felt how it is, you want to come back to it…
Babette Pfander


HynekFor me: Blogging = Learning!
When I write a post I reflect on my work. Through the reflection process I learn something new.
Hynek Bures



Urs Gröhbiel und Christoph PimmerOur blogging experience was exciting (to share findings with experienced practictioners), challenging (to identify the key message of our findings for the target group), enriching (to reflect on our findings and feedbacks)
Urs Gröhbiel & Christoph Pimmer



toulaBlogging is challenging to keep it fresh and interesting for readers.A great opportunity to mix IT, communication and project operational knowledge in a digital platform.
Toula Hook




Many thanks to Babette Pfander,  Carmen Eckert, Charlotte Nager, Christoph Pimmer, Claudia Michel, Corinne Sprecher, Ernst Bolliger, Hynek Bures, Lawrence McGrath, Manuel Etter, Manuel Flury, Marcus Jenal, Matti Straub, Natalia Cernat, Reto Wieser, Snezana Misic, Toula Hook, Urs Gröhbiel, Veronique Sikora and all our bloggers. – You make this SDC Learning & Networking blog possible!

Thank you to all our readers. Keep asking questions!

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  1. Veronique Sikora says:

    I would like to thank the SDC Learning and Networking Team for the inspiration that you have provided me. Sharing your stories, your learning, whether drawings or videos, provides insights to people in other communities, such as me. I am grateful and looking forward to co-creating and continuing the learning journey with you.

    Happy 200th Blog :-)



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