How we produced our first digital stories

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Group Digital Storytelling WSBeginning of June the division Knowledge, Learning and Culture of SDC organized a Digital Storytelling Workshop in Berne. Seven participants produced short videos reflecting their lived-experience of change, learning, success and challenges. This short video explains the production process starting with the story circle on day one and ending with the screening on day three.

By Nadia von Holzen with the support of the participants of the Digital Storytelling Workshop 

Digital storytelling is a participatory media genre that privileges personal narrative, and lived experiences. It combines the age-old practice of storytelling with modern-day technologies for communication and creativity. It is based on the commitment that every-day stories matter, and every-day people have important insights about the world we share.

A digital story is a 2-4 minute multi-media narrative that can be built with photographs, video clips, drawings and other artwork, ambient sound and a recorded voice-over.
Darcy Alexandra 

Digital stories are short, reflexive, audio-visual compositions that seek to value the storyteller, and the audience. In digital storytelling, both the process and the finished product provide opportunities for learning and teaching, and self-expression and dialogue.

“A breath of fresh air”

The digital story A breath of fresh air” published on the Culture Matters blog was produced during the  digital story workshop by Mirjam Walser, SDC Team Culture and development.

Have a look (2’51’).

Why story telling matters

Cynthia Cohen, Director of the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, Brandeis University, shares her viewpoint why stories are important and what they do on the Culture Matters blog.

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Comments to“How we produced our first digital stories”

  1. What a wonderful video! I love the pictures and I am touched by the story. It seems to be so easy to do it and it tells more than any report could ever do. Well done!

  2. Riff Fullan says:

    Yes, it sounds like a great experience, both in terms of teambuilding and in terms of storytelling. It renews my energy to keep promoting digital storytelling in my working context. We can all have a much greater reach if we package some of our learning and thinking in this way…

  3. Babette Pfander says:

    both films are indeed a phantastic way of capturing my full attention and presence…
    … travelling with mind and heart to far-away Kyrgyzstan
    … making me eager to once again play with storytelling and movie-making

    thanks for the inspiration and for taking me on this journey!

  4. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Dear Claudia, Babette and Riff, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes indeed, producing our stories digitally was a wonderful experience. And I finally understood that digital storytelling is not about editing but about ‘voicing’ stories. Packing our learning in stories started with the story circle, making the packages was sharing, telling, reading out loud, listening, polishing, … Personally I’m looking forward to ‘pack’ my next learning story. Best, Nadia

  5. Nina Prochazka says:

    wonderfully told! and inspiring. thank you for sharing!


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