Why we need more visuals?

June 17, 2015 | Blog-Admin1 | Let's Talk Visual |


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Group Digital Storytelling WSWe need more visuals for many reasons. Photos, digital stories, drawings and graphic recording carry our learning. Stories illustrate insights in an understandable way and invite for further reflection. Making drawings during discussions adds an additional layer of understanding. In the information (over-) flow infographics and visual messages stand out, catch our attention, go to the heart and make us think. Our brains are hungry for stories and visualized information.

By Carmen, Dolgor, Jean, Kuno, Michal, Mirjam, Nadia and Soyolmaa participants of the digital storytelling workshop

Video by the participants of the digital storytelling workshop, support and camera by Veronica Vierin and Darcy Alexandra

Why do you use visuals?

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Comments to“Why we need more visuals?”

  1. carsten.schulz says:

    Dear participants of the digital storytelling workshop

    What a comprehensive and nice video reminding us on the use of visuals in whatever kind of sharing documents!
    Since I am preparing now for writing the semi-annual report of MOLI-Project in Georgia, I got inspired by your message that “brains are hungry for stories and visualized information”.
    Thank you very much for this useful input!

    Best regards from Georgia


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    implemented by HEKS-EPER in partnership with HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
    Carsten Schulz
    International Team Leader
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    4200, Sighnaghi
    Tel: +995 595 999553
    Skype: carsten.schulz.nampula

  2. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Dear Carsten, many thanks for you enthusiasm. And welcome on this blog with some thoughts and ideas how to prepare a more visualised project report! Best, Nadia


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