The Beauty of Mind Maps

June 10, 2015 | Blog-Admin1 | Methods & Tools |


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Nadia von HolzenThe beauty of a mind map is its simplicity. You can do it almost everywhere. In its basic form all you need is paper and pen. The process of visualizing a question is powerful. Mind maps help thinking and keep conversations focused.

Nadia von Holzen, SDC

A colleague suggested a blog entry on mind maps. She thought a refresher of this most simple tool would be valuable. Indeed, I love mind maps to capture, organize and visualize ideas. You can do it almost everywhere, it’s so flexible. It is a great tool to do alone or jointly with others, in a meeting with beamer and laptop, in the train on a piece of paper. My favorites are big mind maps on a wall in a workshop to explore a question, a topic, an idea.

Check this mind map for detailed information why and how to do a mind map.

Please click the mind map to enlarge.

Use of Mind Maps


In which situation did you make your last mind map? And what did you benefit from doing it?

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Comments to“The Beauty of Mind Maps”

  1. Sandra says:

    Hello Nadia!

    J’adore le concept des Mind Maps et adorerais pouvoir utilizer cet outil. Jusqu’à maintenant je m’étais contentée de regarder mes collègues avec envie… Grâce à tes reading tips je vais enfin me lancer à l’eau, merci!

  2. Thank you Nadia

    This worked well! I looked at your mind map on how to use a mind map 😉 and I got it all at one glance! GREAT POST.

  3. Hi Nadia,

    Last year I ran an experiment on materials for mindmapping in pairs. I compared pen against pencil, and pre-printed mindmap branches against a blank page.

    The results?

    Pencil and blank page gave the best result for two people. This combination led to more ideas per topic. Pairs followed trains of thought more persistently with a pencil and blank sheet.

  4. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Dear Sandra, Hynek and Lawrence, Many thanks for your comments.
    Lawrence great idea, how to play and experiment with mind maps. I will definitely test your approach with pre-printed branches vs. blank page.
    Further ideas are always welcome. Thanks
    Best, Nadia


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