Facilitation Tips for Starters

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facilitation tips for starters_1Corinne is known in SDC for her natural,  humorous and productive ways of moderating events. She started learning to moderate three years ago when she successfully moderated a workshop in Nepal for the elaboration of the Swiss cooperation strategy. In this short video interview she reveals her tricks and learning experiences that she acquired during her career. by Corinne Demenge, SDC

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  1. Riff Fullan says:

    A very interesting interview, and nice to see your emphasis on preparation and flexibility, Corinne. As a regular workshop facilitator myself, I try to work with the main organisers of an event to design a process that creates opportunities for broad participation (lots of interaction, of moving in and out of different configurations). There is a balance that must be struck between participants driving the workshop and pursuing its overall goals. Sometimes you need to adjust when you see that a group does not relate to a particular session/method, and sometimes you need to persist when you know that the initial experience might be confusing or frustrating, but it may be necessary to go through a short patch of such feelings in order to come out in a better place at the end.

    I think as you mentioned, there is a strong element of art to it. You can and should have a good set of methods that you can combine in complementary ways, but your facilitation should be driven by the kind of person you are, and by a fundamental respect for the people who give you their trust to lead them in a process of co-creation of new knowledge.

  2. Cesar Robles says:

    Where can I find the link to the video interview? I could not locate it above.

  3. Blog-Admin1 says:

    Dear Cesar, thanks for this. The video is back online. Best, Nadia


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