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September 17, 2014 | Blog-Admin1 | Methods & Tools |


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if it's on the Intenet, it isn't private_1Desperate about your search results with Google? Results are tailored to who you are, based on your saved search history and click history. But there is a means of escape: DuckDuckGo

 By Simone Decorvet, SDC



When you are searching the web with Google and click on a site your search term is usually sent to that site along with your browser and computer information, which can often uniquely identify you. Those sites usually have third-party ads, and those third-parties build profiles about you. Your profile can then be sold, and potentially show up in unwanted places. But there’s more. Remember your searches? Google also saves them. Your saved searches can be legally requested, and then come back to bite you. Or a bad Google employee could go snooping. Or Google could get hacked. DuckDuckGo don’t send your searches to other sites. Or store any personal information at all. And is therefore a real alternative to other search engines.

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