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sos imediat info neededSome days are just a bit crazy! Imagine when you have to present a development topic on short notice. With little time to do a profound research and even less preparing a presentation . E-dossier developed  by the information centre of Alliance sud responds to that challenge.

Jris Bertschi, Alliance Sud

The need of timely accessible information

The information centre of Alliance Sud, who provides the Swiss public with information on development issues, developing countries, and North-South relations, with a special emphasis on Switzerland’s patner countries, receive many requests for research support. More and more often the information is needed immediately and whenever available electronically.

But how to meet this new information need? We identified the following points as important. The information should be:

  • Easily accessible, to all and at any time
  • Delivering a wealth of selected media items, as well as basic information on the topics
  • Gathered electronically
  • Selected topics


E-Dossiers on Alliance’s Sud website


Based on these key points, we started developing a new service called «E-Dossiers». In «E-Dossiers» we are gathering electronically available resources on selected topics. In ten main topics we present a range of important sub-themes from hunger to land grabbing and the millennium development goals for example. This service allows us to respond directly to the noted points above, the more we can react easily to new topics and enlarge our service. So far the service is well appreciated because of the easy access, the newsfeed and the choice of topics.

What do you think about having access to immediate information?

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  1. Simone says:

    Thank you Jris. We greatly appreciate your work (I am sure you’re already aware of that).
    The E-Dossiers are ideed very use- and helpful in collecting basic information in a fast and proper way. Thanks for sharing!


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