Twitter for Sharing and Learning – an Introduction for Beginners

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Have you ever thought about starting to twitter? Are you still wondering how Twitter works? Then this  2‘53‘’ video is the right starting point. It explains the basics.

By Nadia von Holzen, SDC with the support of Nadja Schnetzler, Word and Deed; Nadejda Loumbeva, Helvetas-Intercooperation; Daniel Stoller-Schai LerNetz

Twitter is easy

Watch this video. It explains what you need to know to get started: @name, profile, hashtag #, following, RT etc.

Enjoy watching and then just do it!

Video: If Fabian can do, you can do. By Nadja Schnetzler, word and deed

How to start?

  • Open an account and define your profile
  • Follow inspiring people or organisations. Tipp: Search for your favorite topics and follow the people who deal with those topics, too!
  • First: Retweet (RT) and favorite other people’s tweets
  • Then: Start sharing your own content (making sure to build a personal «brand» )

Twittering is experience

There is only one way to become an experienced twitterer: Learning by doing.


The Twitter Life Cycle inspired by the Gartner Hype Cycle; by Daniel Stoller-Schai, LerNetz

Twitter connects

  • Twitter is one way of many for networks members to stay connected.
  • Scan information in your field of interests and you are updated on trends.
  • Stay in touch with interesting and inspiring people.
  • Twitter transports information; you make interesting discoveries.
  • Twitter builds bridges between communities.
  • Connect with the wider audience and tweet from conferences in real time.
  • Formulating your observations and reflections in 140 characters is learning.
  • Twitter builds reputation.
  • Inspire and get inspired!

How do you use twitter for professional reasons? What’s your strategy and benefit?


Many thanks to Nadja Schnetzler, Nadejda Loumbeva  and Daniel Stoller-Schai for sharing your twitter experience.


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  1. Nadejda Loumbeva says:

    I absolutely love the ”Twitter Life Cycle inspired by the Gartner Hype Cycle” by Daniel Stoller-Schai! Thanks Daniel! It is awesome! :)

  2. Simone Decorvet says:

    I like the clip. Made with ?


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