Who is your network and who is driving it? – A short guideline to assess your network structure.

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Carsten SchulzNadia von Holzen

This short guideline assists you to gain a better understanding who your network is and who is driving it. Through simple pie charts you visualise the different stakeholder groups represented in your network. You gain a different perspective on the driving forces and the network dynamic.

Carsten Schulz, Agridea and Nadia von Holzen, SDC

Prepare yourself with some flip-chart paper or A3 paper and some markers.

Part one: Who is your network?

1. Draw your network and fill the different stakeholder groups into the diagram.

1 stakeholders

2 stakeholders named

Stakeholder groups:

  • Implementers with Head Office in the South
  • Implementers with Head Office in the North
  • Local staff in field offices of gov. Org. / UN / funding agency
  • Head office of gov. Org. / UN / funding agency
  • Expatriates, regional advisors
  • Universities, academic
  • Other relevant international networks Consultants / back-stoppers
  • Private enterprise partners

2. Add the % for each stakeholder group.

3 stakeholders %

3. Think! What does this diagram tell you – with regard to:

  • power balance?
  • north-south balance?
  • diversity?

Part two: Who is driving your network?

1. Visualise the members of the Core Group/Focal Point team steering the network by marking them on the diagram,

4 core group

and jot down their names in a different colour;
mark active members of the Core Group/ Focal Point team with an exclamation.

6 core group members active named

2. Reflect: Who is involved and who not in the steering? What does this mean for the ownership/dynamic of the network?

3. Identify the most active stakeholder/stakeholder groups in your network (active could mean: contributions in the e-discussions; new topics brought up etc.) by marking them with an exclamation mark of different size.

7 influential members

4. Reflect:  What do you observe?

5. Cross-check: Who participated at the last f2f event the network organised? Mark the participants per stakeholder group with a different colour.

Thank you for reading that far, dear blog reader. We love to have an exchange with you on this guideline and your ideas and experiences.

–> We are very curious to know from you:

  • What are the results from your short assessment?
  • Who is driving YOUR network?

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