New guidebook for face-to-face meeting and workshop organizers – simple and powerful

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Are you soon organizing a face-to-face meeting or a workshop? Have a look at this rich Guidebook from the Rockefeller Foundation. The simple and powerful questions and how-to guides will inspire your preparation process. 

By Nadia von Holzen, SDC

Preparing powerful face-to-face meetings is art.

Organizing successful and compelling face-to-face meetings, workshops or regional seminars is a lot of work. And it’s an art too!

There is a new Guidebook: GATHER, the art and science of effective convenings.

Rockefeller Foundation jointly with its partners with The Monitor Institute and Monitor Deloitte, published this powerful guidebook. It’s a great resource for preparing your next workshop and make it a deep learning and mind changing event.

“Collective intelligence trumps individual smarts when it comes to solving shared problems.

Gather asks the right questions and offers how-to guides and tools:

– To convene or not to convene?
– What’s the point?
– Who’s your team?
– Who do you invite?
– What will they do together?
– What will you carry forward?

In short it’s a valuable resource, a must every face-to-face workshop organizer and facilitator.

Have a look at the GATHER Guidebook on the Rockefeller Foundation website

Download the Guidebook


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