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June 26, 2013 | bit-wartung | Methods & Tools |


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One of the many advantages of the Internet, is the offer of free online-dictionaries. My absolute favourite and a tool that I use very often is Linguee.

By Heidi Meyer, SDC 

Linguee helps me to choose the right expression or sentence in a specific context or working environment” – Heidi Meyer

Linguee is a web service that provides an online dictionary for a number of language pairs (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese). Unlike similar services, such as LEO, Linguee incorporates a search engine that provides access to large amounts of bilingual, translated sentence pairs, which come from the World Wide Web. As a translation aid, Linguee therefore differs from machine translation services like Babelfish and is more similar in function to a translation memory – Quote from Wikipedia


Here some examples: 

I’m busy with a short internal guideline ‘How to write good summaries for our information management system.’ I am looking for the right word: is it editing? Or processing, or better treatment? After checking Linguee I opted for providing and preparing of information.

I am a German speaker; I would like to translate “DEZA Mitarbeitende” into the English equivalent. In this case the first Linguee results come from SDC internet pages and show me that the internally agreed translation would be “SDC staff (members)” instead of SDC employees.

Which word is the appropriate for “buying new books” for our library? Linguee gives me example sentences like:
… the acquisition of books…
… purchasing books…
… purchase of books….

No italian yet, but…

Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic translations should be possible until the end of the year (Linguee F.A.Q)!




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Let me know about your favourite online-dictionnaries




Comments to“My favourite translater / translation helper / translation help!”

  1. Thank you!!!
    I have been using Leo which is very good. Good to know that there is a context related dictionary!

  2. I also find Linguee to be very helpful. The results, however, can tend to be dominated by government sources (e.g., EU websites). Another good English German dictionary is Beolingus which you can find on

  3. Ernst Bolliger says:

    Dear Heidi
    Thank you. A short blog contribution that is super useful.
    Best regards
    Ernst Bolliger

  4. Camille Aubry says:

    For English-French, the “Grand dictionnaire terminologique” from the Office québécois de la langue française is also very good.

  5. Robin Bartlett Rissi says:

    Linguee is my favorite too!! It is the best for technical terms and translating phrases!

    If you would like to hire someone to translate into English or edit your English document, I belong to a very cool group of female expatriates living in the Bern region who offer English services.

  6. This is the first time that I’ve heard about Linguee.
    Thank you for sharing. :)


  7. Cesarina Quintana says:

    Dear Heidi,
    thank you very much for the interesting links

    best regards from Peru

  8. German English Translator says:

    Linguee is an amazing tool…good introduction is given here about this tool…and explained nicely with the help of examples. Keep up the good work. I would like to appreciate the great work done by You, Please continue posting like this.

  9. Shakti Gupta says:

    I am using Linguee since last 1 year and it is certainly very helpful. It is much better than the machine translation. Hope they will have it in Italian too very soon.


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