Peter Point’s Dream – Powerpoint Presentations and its Pitfalls

September 04, 2012 | LND | Let's Talk Visual, Methods & Tools |


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Today’s blog post invites you to pause for a second and to think about one of the most used tools of everyday office life. Powerpoint. What once was considered a revolution in presentation technique today often turns out to be a threat to every knowledge transfer. With a short comic strip Nadia von Holzen and Nadia Lanfranchi would like to make you check over your presentation strategies. What is key to an engaging presentation? Are there alternatives to Powerpoint? And what should be considered in order to avoid Powerpoint’s pitfalls?

By Nadia Lanfranchi and Nadia von Holzen


Links for further reading:

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Einfache Tipps für bessere Präsentationen: (only in german)


Comments to“Peter Point’s Dream – Powerpoint Presentations and its Pitfalls”

  1. Hello Nadia’s
    Thanks for this blog. It is state of the art in size (!!) and visualising and super in the links at the bottom.
    Greetings from Pretoria

  2. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Dear Reto, many thanks for your comment. You always pointed out how to visualise off the “PowerPoint road”. Nadia

  3. Felix Gnehm says:

    Hey Nadia
    great post, thank you. I have a few presentations coming up – will do my best to follow these advices. if all fails, there is at least one advice I will do 100% – smile :)
    Grüessli, Felix

  4. Nadia von Holzen says:

    Dear Felix, thanks for your smile! I think it’s a good point to rembember Peter Point’s frustration of too many of always the same… There are many ways indeed! Let’s try. The dynamic and energy in the audience will be our yardstick. Best, Nadia


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