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Innovation. It all starts with an idea.


Are you having a hard time staying focused? Are you losing track of your tasks, documents and open issues? Then it’s high time for a short break to reflect your Personal Knowledge Management strategies. As Knowledge Management efforts frequently focus on the organizational level, on the learning institution and its encompassing processes the personal side of gathering, storing and sharing knowledge risks to be neglected. However, for quite some time the individual working space is subject to a constant evolution – especially if considered from a technological viewpoint.

David Shrigley

Today we process a substantial part of our day-to-day work within virtual spaces. One would say the days are gone when we accurately collected scrapped articles, notes and correspondence related to a specific project in color-coded cardboard folders. But the truth is we still use them and due to the partial digitalization we end up with different folders in different places, in hard copy and digital format. On the computer again we are stuck in different applications and operating systems with only limited interchangeability. As a consequence we lose track of our storage organization.

A solution to this issue is offered by several software suites, the most known example being Evernote. This application helps you to gather, organize and find your notes, voice memos, photos and other documents. You can even simply integrate your handwritten notes into this digital notebook by taking a picture of the notes, the software will automatically index them. Generally, everything you upload to the notebook can be tagged, commented end edited. Evernote also resolves the issue of artificial barriers between different formats and devices such as iPad, Android etc. It is accessible from any browser and supports all the common operating system platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, Google Chrome etc. Furthermore the software offers an option to share your notebook with others.

Download this free software on or get more information and interesting hints on the Evernote blog.

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