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February 28, 2012 | LND | Methods & Tools, SDC Experiences |


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When working with partners there often comes up the need to work together and simultaneously on one single document. Exchanging the document by e-mail frequently ends up in a chaotic flip-flopping of dateless versions. Updating the different new contents is a tedious and time-consuming task. Collaboration software like SharePoint or DMS and web solutions such as Google Docs help to avoid such pitfalls. Watch the video below to learn more about this established collaboration tool.


The SDC Learning and Networking Division has been reinforced in January by Nadia von Holzen as a new Programme Officer for Knowledge Management. Drawing on experiences gained both in the public administration and in the nonprofit sector, particularly as a Shared Learning Advisor at HEKS, she will support our team in network development issues. Nadia von Holzen is the new contact person for methodological questions concerning the preparation and follow-up of face-to-face events, e.g. regarding the implementation of social reporting processes.

L&N Team 2012

The rest of the team remains unchanged with Manuel Etter as Head of Division, Michèle Marin as Programme Officer for Knowledge Management, Dominique Hempel Rodas as Programme Officer for Capacity Development and Nadia Lanfranchi as intern.


Filming and video editing isn’t anymore the province of professionals. Nowadays almost every mobile phone owner is equipped with a video camera. Unsurprisingly there exist now quiet a few applications that permit to edit videos right on the mobile device. Apps such as iMovie, Cinecam or Splice are very intuitive and user-friendly tools able to change a rough cut on the spot into a ready-to-publish video clip.

Similarly, Youtube’s video editor permits to process videos online. Just like the mobile phone software this tool offers the full range of basic video editing features such as contrast, colour and saturation correction as well as the option to add titles, transitions and sound-tracks or to merge and cut the clips.

It’s worth considering these technical advancements also in view of recent methodological trends in development cooperation towards the increasing integration of visual approaches, e.g. social reporting or participatory video. The mentioned tools break down the production of videos into an affordable, quick and easy-to-handle exercise.

Watch this short tutorial to get a brief glimpse of Youtube’s video editor.

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