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Collegial Coaching is a process that draws on experiences and practices of professional colleagues in order to share new ideas, teach one another or solve a problem. Watch this entertaining clip to get a clear idea of the mechanisms of this useful tool. Or go to the Learning & Networking Website to get more information on Collegial Coaching.




Prezi is a web-based presentation software and storytelling tool that allows you to present information in a visually arresting way. A limitless canvas and a navigation that permits you to move around it in any way you please opens up a huge potential for conceptually interesting presentations. As PowerPoint the software permits the insertion of pictures, video clips, audio and other medias and to present the same kind of information as you would in a slide-based presentation. However, Prezi also provides the opportunity to throw the rule-book out of the window entirely and — thanks to its flexibility and non-linearity — to cheat the “Death by PowerPoint”. Furthermore, to present your ideas everywhere there is also an option to download your Prezi and show it offline. Zoom through the example below or go to to get more information and to explore a plethora of interesting presentations.

Have you ever lost your time creating a tutorial for your colleagues and struggled with layout challenges or problems on how to share it? Then Tildee is your solution. It is a free online tool that helps you to create and share instantly and easily your own tutorial.

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