Curiosity – a basic ingredient to learning

December 30, 2010 | Manuel Flury | Learning Elsewhere |


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“Let children choose! They will choose the most difficult tasks. The moment they are promised a reward, they will opt for the simple ones.”




Matthias Binswanger, a well-known economist and professor at a Swiss Technical University has been interviewed by the Swiss weekly newspaper  “WoZ” (in german) when he talked about meaningless competition and the effects such incentives may produce.

Let the collaborators develop and use their own curiosity (for learning) and limit bureaucratic obligation to the max.

We wish you a happy new year!
Manuel Flury, Michèle Marin, Adrian Gnägi, Tobias Sommer 


Comments to“Curiosity – a basic ingredient to learning”

  1. Riff Fullan says:

    Matthias Binswanger has provided a wonderful nugget of ‘KM wisdom’… if those of us who are promoting knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration can help to create the conditions for self-motivation, we have done 80% of our work.

    Let’s hope 2011 will bring many examples of such conditions in all of our organisations!


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