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NadiaIn January 2013 we blogged: “A blog is conversation.“  And that’s what we had: conversation. 32 bloggers – guests, SDC colleagues and team members – contributed their thoughts and observations the whole year through. We jointly wrote 42 blog posts. And 60% of our posts received comments from you dear readers. Thank you! Also in 2014 we blog for being in conversation with you. For us bloggers, each blog post is a learning moment. Blog writing is digestion time. Reflection is vital.
Nadia von Holzen, SDC

 we blog to share and while we blog we learn

We blog to share and while we blog we learn. Each blog post is a learning moment. Blog writing is digestion time. Reflection is vital.

Blogging makes me rethink ideas and put my thoughts into words, this already fosters learning; and emerging dialogues deepen it.

Corinne Sprecher

We blog to share and learn. We share our reflection and our learning. 

  • to inspire 
  • to make you think 
  • to touch 
  • to make visible 
  • to give you the opportunity 
  • to engage 
  • to build our learning culture 
  • to energise
  • to motivate 
  • to understand 
  • to make you tell your learning stories 
  • to push our and your thinking 
  • to make sense 
  • to make our ideas happen 
  • to make you smile

We blogged

I blog because it forces me to think more deeply about a particular topic that is important to me (and hopefully to others), and at the same time to think about how I can communicate my thoughts in an interesting way that is not too abstract.

Riff Fullan

 Last year 32 bloggers wrote 42 blog posts. One third of the bloggers were guests from outside SDC, one third contributions from SDC colleagues from the Cooperation Offices and at HQ and one third 10 posts were written by members of the Learning and Networking team or jointly written blogs. For additional mutual reflection and inspiration this is a good thing.

You visited

Knowing that knowledge is a give and take, I blogged because I made an astonishing experience which I reckoned other blog readers might be interested in and because I usually profit from other bloggers’ blogs frequently.

Manuel Etter

84 readers per week, in total 4’381 people staying on an average 3 minutes 15 seconds on the blog.

What you did, we can only guess: reading the on the screen scrolling lead text and the subtitles, reading all, printing to read in the tram, sharing, checking links and resources, or just simply wondering…? We know: You visited in total 10’435 pages. That makes 2.36 pages per visit.

You commented

It is a privilege to use this blog to share a good (learning) story since there is an audience that might react.

Manuel Flury

We got 75 comments. 60% of the posts triggered comments (this makes us smile; thank you!). This makes on average 1.8 comments per post.

Your hits

The top posts were:

1. Networking in the far reaches of Mongolia

2. Simplicity wins – visualization as well. Tips for your next presentation

3. Two good examples how networks support the result orientation of development programmes

At times, I happen to buy very good apples or mandarins in a shop. Should I eat them all alone? It is more fun to share them with friends and enjoy myself if they taste to others as well as they do to me. Sharing insights and knowledge is even more enjoyable, because one can keep the whole portion for him-/herself while sharing — or even increases the own portion by receiving feedback. Mutual sharing is mutual learning — a kind of Christmas gifts throughout the year.

Ernst Bolliger

 And most comments triggered:

1. My favorite translater – translation helper – translation-help

2. Talk and write: stimulating conference calls combined with Lopad

3. Valuable networking: between gaining information and taming the information beast and Three reasons to organize your next workshop in the open space format


Why do you read this blogs, share your comments? Why do you blog?

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  1. What I also like about blogging is to experiment with new ways to tell a story. Blogs can integrate all kinds of media: text, photo, video, statistical data, internet links …

    This gives you the ability to tell a story differently. You start off with a text paragraph, then you show an example in form of a video, then you make a text bridge to a spread sheet with statistical data …

    This makes your story colorful and dotted with many different objects!


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